We Have Just started Our e-commerce platform. The main goal is to give everyone opportunity to buy & sell goods via cryptocurrencies.

The 1st available currency will be BitcoinZ (BTCZ) because we are big supporters of this coin and We do personally believe that BTCZ has great future. As for the beginning we’ll be selling our new Cryptocurrency trading course that will be updated in time. Every update will be available for previous customers.

The most important thing about this product is that 50% of BTCZ will be donated for BTCZ DEV Team! 

The 1st period will also let Us know what to change and what things we could do better on our platform so that when the 2nd stage of our development starts (at May 1) we’ll be sure that everything works just fine. Since May 1 new users will be able to create their own shop and start selling their products using Cryptocurrencies.

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